East meets West

A bridge for British/Chinese cultural and business exchange


The Reignwood Culture Foundation was created to help drive cultural exchange between the UK and China.  Below are a few initiatives of the Foundation's work with Reignwood UK, where East truly meets West.

Ten Trinity Square Tower Museum

Housed in an exclusive “tower” in Ten Trinity Square, the museum celebrates Sino-UK cultural relations with exhibits that highlight the extensive cultural ties between China and the UK. Current pieces include Roman artefacts found in the archaeological excavations during the construction of Ten Trinity Square.

London Symphony Orchestra

The Reignwood Culture Foundation is proud to be a Principal Partner of the London Symphony Orchestra.

Chinese New Year

A recreation of the Manchu Han Imperial Feast, one of the grandest meals ever documented in Chinese cuisine, took place in Merchants Hall at Ten Trinity Square to celebrate Chinese New Year 2018.


Reignwood Group is proud of its partnership with world-renowned photographer Michael Yamashita, who shows his audience the route of the ancient Silk Road via the medium of photography.